Infinity Combat Systems’ programs were developed through many years of teaching experience. We offer progressive learning with a focus on technical, yet fundamental system. Our programs can be individualised per the student’s needs, goals and skill level.

Through our technical and modern drills, we can bring out the skills and talents from each of our students. Infinity Combat Systems’ teachings are in a logical sequence of classes accelerating the learning process. In our programs, we can minimise injuries, avoiding risky techniques and bad sparring habits. We teach our students how to be safe and train safe.

All Infinity Combat Systems’ programs were designed to help our students achieve their goals, get in shape, learn self-defence and to learn competition level Brazilian jiu-jitsu in a friendly non-threatening, family environment.

Infinity Combat Systems has always been focused on teaching children, teens and adults of all ages confidence, self-discipline, moral character, safety and family values through martial arts. The benefits of this philosophy are apparent in every student currently enrolled in one of our programs at our Martial Arts and Boxing school. We are affiliated to Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Australia, we are the official Roots BJJ Illawarra branch, our head professors are Prof. Paulo Guimaraes and Prof. Rob Naumoski and classes are conducted by Mr Michael Matlijovski.